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To our community of guests, friends, collogues, neighbors, and family members that we've built over the past 10 years: Thank you for supporting us on this journey through uncertain and challenging times. 

For those who can and want to help, we are incredibly grateful.


We're currently featuring a Pay it Forward gift card campaign.

For every $100 gift card you buy, you will receive a free $25 bonus card. 

 There's no limit on the amount of gift cards you can purchase, we just ask that you purchase online , and email any questions to

In the spirit of Paying it Forward, when you share the love with us, we'll share the love with others in our community by sending our local health care heroes a gratitude and wellness package. 

pay it forward Many businesses are adjusting their production of goods & services to help support their community during this crisis. We realize that medical supplies & resources such as masks for medical providers and ventilators for patients are in high demand.

While Logan 14 cannot help on the production side of this crisis, we can help with healing, wellness, and support of all emergency and healthcare personnel. Our mission is to be of service, and we will uphold that in any way we can. 


This crisis will likely be longer than a few weeks, and the emotional & physical toll on our medical folks on the front lines will be immense. We hope by sending a few Aveda wellness products, a hand written thank you note, and a loving meditation, we can help support our human capital <3 that is that backbone of our medical infrastructure supporting us all through this crisis. 

To find out where our health care hero packages will be sent, follow us on  Instagram. At the end of every week, we will deliver wellness kits to Logan 14 PA, Tori,  (MedSpa Injector & GW Emergency Room Clinician), to distribute to medical professionals treating patients at George Washington Hospital.


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