Amy O'Brien

Amy Obrien


Amy has a strong passion for skin care and is dedicated to providing clients with an educated, lifelong approach to caring for their skin. Amy is focused on positive client relations, providing technically proficient and relaxing esthetics services. She enjoys working with clients on an ongoing basis to develop a results-driven skin care routine including both professional services and home care. She works with each client to correct individual skin issues and to maintain healthy skin.

Amy enjoys working with clients preparing for special occasions. Whether the event is a reunion, birthday celebration, or wedding, she loves to help clients put their best face forward. She especially likes to work with brides preparing for their weddings; not only does she offer them services that relax and pamper them in the months of preparation and planning that go into the very special day, but she also prepares their skin by giving them a soft, dewy complexion for the wedding itself.

In her spa room, Amy’s calm yet engaging demeanor will make you feel comfortable, whether you are a first time client or a frequent return request. She prides herself in through consultations for skin care and waxing services to ensure your needs are met.

In addition to skin care, Amy is a certified laser hair removal technician. She is trained and skilled is using the Cynosure Elite Laser, which is a versatile and effective laser system that is proven to eliminate stubborn hair growth in all parts of your body. The laser utilizes new technology dual wave length lasers to get to the root of the problem by removing the hair follicles which regenerate hair. It is considered the gold standard in laser hair removal. Amy will be happy to provide one on one consultation to answer your questions about laser hair removal and to determine if you are a good candidate for the service.

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